A Christian Call: Be Defined by Love

What is love and how are we to act? In the book of Acts, Stephen was stoned for his presentation and defense of the good news of Christ's coming. Jesus's disciples were persecuted. Early on the Apostle James was killed by the Sword. Throughout the 1st century, the Hebrew and Greek Christians lived lives of... Continue Reading →

Your Work is Worth It.

The Apostle Paul reminds all Christians that our work for the Lord is worth it. The daily grind, the elbow grease, the grunt work, the noticed and unnoticed all make a difference. We are to be resolute, prepared, and abounding in our efforts because Christ gave us - even us - victory over death. Paul... Continue Reading →

Titles are Done, Keys are Ready

We all have troubled hearts at times. The circumstances of life can be sudden and seemingly unforgiving. No chance to recover, no chance to change the outcome. Our world is replete with examples of things we would like to see different. A kinder, safer, more hopeful, and more equitable one. A world that was right... Continue Reading →

Shelter Your Heart in the Lord

Paul the Tentmaker The Apostle Paul knew something about shelters. His trade profession was tentmaking, a well established trade developed in the ancient world to provide housing and protection from the elements. Despite being called to be the Apostle to the gentiles, he routinely worked as a tentmaker to support himself and not burden the... Continue Reading →

Casting Anxiety Away onto a Caring God

"...casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you." Apostle Peter The Apostle Peter understood we all have anxiety come upon us due to the events in our life here on Earth. Financial stress, illness, death, family crises, strife, unfair treatment, job loss, and school problems are all real and alter what happens... Continue Reading →

Be Men of Courage

Men, it is easy to lose focus in life as life's trials and tribulations build up and create stresses that we do not want to handle or just plain can not handle.  We look to retreat into our work, our hobbies, or physically retreat to get away from our families, others, and life.  Instead of... Continue Reading →

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