The East Wind of Nineveh

The Dust Bowl in the Central and Southern Plains was a 10 year span of severe drought and suffering brought about by the cycle of regional climate conflicting with man's agricultural intervention. Intensified by the great depression, the suffering and poverty of the people was immense. Considering the duration and intensity of the struggle, it... Continue Reading →

Contentment is in Christ, Not a Paycheck.

Jesus and the apostles all suffered, all lacked wealth, all lived with strong opposition to their lifestyle and message. They lived in what both Jesus and Paul called evil times. All this and yet they were exceedingly content. Why? The apostles apprehended what Jesus knew: that they were heirs to a Kingdom through Christ's life... Continue Reading →

9 Qualities of Christ That We Need From Our Pen and Our Mouth.

The qualities of Christ's words changed those around him and the World. His words mattered, both in the moment and for eternity. As Christ followers, we are commanded to emulate him. For unedifying, self-serving, ill-conceived, unwise, untruthful, and proud words may win the moment, the hour, the day, the decade, and even the century, but... Continue Reading →

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