Be Men of Courage

Men, it is easy to lose focus in life as life's trials and tribulations build up and create stresses that we do not want to handle or just plain can not handle.  We look to retreat into our work, our hobbies, or physically retreat to get away from our families, others, and life.  Instead of... Continue Reading →

Houston Needs Our Love

Like many of you, I personally know people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Loosing their homes and vehicles in just a day or two.  I am amazed by my friend's faith who lost everything, yet has God's comfort and presence evident in her life.  What a witness to her family and those around her.  I know... Continue Reading →

Hope for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Today, I was thinking of all the discord in the world.  People arguing, fighting, and bullying to get their way.  People I love faced with sickness and death. I needed some refreshment, wisdom, and hope.  As is often the case, the Lord used my present circumstances to teach me principles about himself.   He gave... Continue Reading →

How Wide, Long, High, and Deep

Have you ever sat on the beach along the ocean or the Great Lakes and been struck by the all encompassing vastness?  The sheer size and power.  Its gentle tide providing comfort; the waves pounding on the beach displaying its raw power.  Think back to a time in the surf trying to hold your own... Continue Reading →

Pay The Debt of Love This Easter

The world is full of examples of powerful people, organizations, employers, and countries that abuse or use others to get what they want.  It is often effective, but can only provide temporary or earthly gain.  It will not last beyond this life, and should not be emulated by those who follow the teachings of Christ. ... Continue Reading →

Reestablishing Connection

"The internet is out again," I heard from the bedroom, as I lay trying to take a Saturday afternoon nap.  I know that I needed to fix it otherwise the household stress level would go way up.  We have become a society more emotionally reliant on connection to the phone and internet than is good... Continue Reading →

The Helpers

Adoption Day was the culmination of a lot of hard work, and one of the best days in our family life.  It all started by the help of Brandon and Miranda Andree, a couple just living one day at a time in faith.  Kristi and I would not have our two youngest sons without them. ... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Chaplain 

My mother lay dying in the hospital.  She had been ill for just over 9 years from lymphoma.  I was only able to put wet toothettes to her lips, as she was no longer drinking or eating.  I had been there visiting. Exhausted and emotional, I went home home, unplugged the phone, turned the lights... Continue Reading →

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