Shelter Your Heart in the Lord

Paul the Tentmaker The Apostle Paul knew something about shelters. His trade profession was tentmaking, a well established trade developed in the ancient world to provide housing and protection from the elements. Despite being called to be the Apostle to the gentiles, he routinely worked as a tentmaker to support himself and not burden the... Continue Reading →

Casting Anxiety Away onto a Caring God

"...casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you." Apostle Peter The Apostle Peter understood we all have anxiety come upon us due to the events in our life here on Earth. Financial stress, illness, death, family crises, strife, unfair treatment, job loss, and school problems are all real and alter what happens... Continue Reading →

The Resonance of Christian Fellowship Means Changed Lives.

Have you ever considered what Christian fellowship means to you?  What it means to your children?  Christian fellowship acts like a spiritual tuning fork.  Christ's voice resonates with his children through others.  We hear his voice; his Spirit acts to move our spirit, provoking us to action and good deeds.  We are able to listen... Continue Reading →

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